Alcocalculator - Measure legal driving limit

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Alcocalculator - Measure legal driving limitAlcocalculator - Measure legal driving limitAlcocalculator - Measure legal driving limitAlcocalculator - Measure legal driving limitAlcocalculator - Measure legal driving limit

We present you with a new application. All car drivers had only dreamed about him before. It allows you to calculate the level of alcohol in the blood. It has built-in features such as:

✅Alcohol concentration

✅Alcohol content

✅Legal driving limit

✅Legal bac


All drivers at least once in their life faced a situation where they could drink a little to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or other celebration, but they did not know if they have a legal driving limit or not. Indeed, at any moment the police can stop and check blood alcohol level the driver.To avoid such an unpleasant situation, we created our own calculating blood alcohol app. So what are the features in it

Calculating bac

This feature will help you to calculate blood alcohol concentration. First, write down your weight on the plate, then the type of alcohol you have drunk, and finally what volume you have drunk in ml. You can also select the source drink, convert it to %, then select the strength of the drink and the amount in ml, and calculate when you can drive. ?‍

Legal driving limit

After you have calculated everything and saw the blood alcohol limit, you can select the function behind the wheel. It is here that you will receive notice until what day you don’t need to drive if you have a high alcohol level. If you have a normal blood alcohol level or legal limit bac, then the application will show you how many hours it will completely disappear from the body .


Here you can see the statistics of the alcohol you have drunk per day, week or month. Also here you can see how much ethanol was drunk and have you ever got an alcohol poisoning bac. This function will also show how many days you haven’t consumed alcohol the last time and the maximum number of days without alcohol.

Вecause with calculating bac you can pass the alcohol blood test, calculate the legal limit bac, your own bac limit, view weekly / monthly bac levels. Аnd check whether there is still blood alcohol or not.


The opinion of our users is important to us in the fall, so we added such a function as to how to rate the application. Here you can put how many stars this application deserves, as well as write in the comments that you would like to change or add in the next application.


We believe that every application should have settings. So that you can customize blood alcohol content, bac levels, blood alcohol limit, calculating blood alcohol and other functions for yourself, because everyone is individual and we remember this.

An alcohol meter is a very necessary and irreplaceable thing for every driver. It will help you to calculate the allowable rate of alcohol for you and a pre-credit if you have drunk too much to get in. If you are driving while intoxicated, you are responsible not only for your life but also for the lives of your passengers and companions. Therefore, be careful and do not forget to check the amount of alcohol you drink.

⏬Download the new application⏬ and you will no longer get into an unpleasant story with the police, because you will be sure that you have normal blood alcohol limit or legal limit bac, or vice versa if you have alcohol poisoning bac and to height blood alcohol level, you will know how long it will take you to bounce back and you will also be 100% sure that your passengers are safe.

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