BooleanTT - Many things with Boolean Algebra

By Hashan Chamara Rajapaksha

BooleanTT - Many things with Boolean AlgebraBooleanTT - Many things with Boolean AlgebraBooleanTT - Many things with Boolean AlgebraBooleanTT - Many things with Boolean AlgebraBooleanTT - Many things with Boolean Algebra

A lightweight but powerful app to,

● Simplify / Minimize Expressions

● Solve Karnaugh Map

● Simulate Logic Circuits

● Generate Logic Circuits

● Number System Calculations

● Generate Truth Tables

● Generate SOP POS

● Learn basic about Boolean algebra

Many more features

List of features


Simplify / Minimize

○ Simplify with Step-by-Step instructions

- de Morgan's theorem, consensus , distributive, absorptive, associative more laws available

○ Expressions or minterm list using Queen-McCuskey method

○ Generate Common, NAND Only, NOR Only circuits

○ Share quick links

Karnaugh Map

○ Interactive KMap for 2,3,4 variables

○ Generate SoP PoS type answer (Group 1s or 0s)

○ Generate Common, NAND Only, NOR Only circuits

○ Share Links or Image

○ Save Image of KMap

Simulate Intermediate Logic Circuits


○ Extra: Value Nodes, Switch, LEDs

○ Powerful simulator

○ Save Share image of circuit


○ Binary, Octal, Decimal Hexadecimal numbers

○ Basic logic gates arithmetic operations

○ Base conversions

Generate Truth Table

○ With multiple outputs

○ Compare columns

○ Generate SOP POS from TTable

○ Save Share Images Quick Links

Generate SOP POS

○ Interactive Truth Table

○ Generate Sum of Product (SOP) Product of Sum (POS)

○ Generate Common, NAND Only, NOR Only circuits

Smart Input

○ Built in keyboard for input Boolean expressions easily

○ Example Input: A. B C.D’ = A AND B OR C AND (NOT D)

○ Use Copy-Paste

Learn basic about Boolean algebra

○ Learn about logic gates theorems


○ Automatically saving all of your works


○ English, Spanish, Portuguese, Sinhala Catalan available

Quick Access

○ Easily navigate through the app

Quick Links

○ Generated shareable links for open activity directly from link

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