DashCards for KLWP

By Grabster Studios

DashCards for KLWPDashCards for KLWPDashCards for KLWPDashCards for KLWPDashCards for KLWP

This is not a stand-alone app

You need KLWP KLWP Pro Key to use this theme.

Email me before leaving a bad review if you have any issues.

Theme Trailer Setup Tutorial: https://youtu.be/BbHxByOpTzE

Basic setup tutorial:

» Install KLWP along with KLWP Pro Key

» Install DashCards and open it

» Tap the theme and it will open it in KLWP.

» Make your changes then Tap the disk icon at the top right corner to save those changes.

» Set KLWP as your wallpaper in your launcher (Nova Launcher preferred).

» For DashCards: Remove all icons and leave 1 page in your launcher. This is a single page theme.

For Carded: Remove all icons and create total of 3 pages in your launcher.

» Keep the DashCards app installed. The theme will not work without it.


DashCards is a Kustom Preset Pack that brings everything you need right at your fingertips with enormous number of options for customization through Globals.

DashCards Includes: 2 KLWP Presets and many KWGT Widgets. Each update brings new features.

DashCards Features:

- Minimalist Design

- Smooth animations

- Dedicated places for your Apps, Games and Music on a single screen!

- Highly customizable

- Multiple layouts to choose from

- Lots of pre-built color presets with ability to make your own.

- Updated Frequently

- Compatible with all screen sizes!

Carded Features:

- Based on 3 home pages

- The only KLWP preset with Note-taking ability.

- Tasker integration for opening notes.

- Simple user interface (Boomer friendly)

- Unique Music Player with static waveform

- Dynamic weather page that updates according to time of day

- Super smooth animations

- Highly customizable

- Compatible with all screen sizes!

Note: DashCards Companion is required (Its Free) for Notes to be edited. Get it here: https://bit.ly/DCcompanion



Q: The theme is not working after uninstalling it.

A: DashCards will only work with the theme app installed on your phone. Just reinstall it and it will start working again as normal.

Q: Can I hide DashCards icon from my launcher?

A: Yes, Tap the gear icon at the top right corner then tap "Hide Icon from launcher".

Q: Why do i need KLWP Pro Key for this?

A: Free version of KLWP does not allow themes to be imported or exported. So you will need the Pro Key to unlock these features.

Q: Is there a tutorial on how to set up Notes?

A: There sure is! Load up Carded in KLWP and go to "Globals" tab. Toggle the top global labelled as "tut" and a tutorial will appear on your screen.

Carded also has tasker integration, toggle the "taskertut" for tutorial to set up tasker.

If you have any more questions or issues, feel free email me at [email protected] or leaving a twitter DM at https://twitter.com/Grabstertv I will do my best to get back to you ASAP


Before leaving a bad review, contact me directly through my email and discuss the issue with me so i can fix it.

Special Thanks to the r/Kustom and r/AndroidThemes community on Reddit and Discord for helping me with this theme. You guys rock!

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