Dinosaur Eggs Pop: Bubble Shooter Classic Arcade


Dinosaur Eggs Pop: Bubble Shooter Classic ArcadeDinosaur Eggs Pop: Bubble Shooter Classic ArcadeDinosaur Eggs Pop: Bubble Shooter Classic Arcade

Remember your childhood playing the shoot egg game all day? Now, the shoot egg game comes back on your phone and tablet.


- 500 challenging levels

- Beautiful graphics

- Funny music and sound

- Addictive gameplay

Shoot Dinosaur Eggs is a game that hopes to rekindle the fun of playing classic games as a child. Speaking of children, this is a game that's easy to get into and features colorful graphics that would suit any young gamer. There are 500 puzzle levels in Shoot Dinosaur Eggs and while the game starts off nice and easy, it soon gets more and more difficult. This is a classic arcade game that's designed to appeal to casual gamers and those looking for some nostalgia as well. Does it fulfill those aims? Read on to see what we thought.

As with most games on Android, it's a good idea to start with downloading it from the Google Play. Then, you'll be thrown into a new game.

Controlling the game is pretty easy, all you need to do is to touch in the direction you want the egg to be fired. You can see which color is about to be launched before you tap. The aim is to match colors to knock them off of the plank at the top.

You can see which level you're on in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Things do start off really easy, but the levels do start to come with more difficult patterns to figure out the best way to remove them all.

The game doesn't give you much indication of how much longer you have left, or how many more eggs you have, but for some players that will be a welcome change of pace and allow them to just get on with the game they enjoy.

Some levels you can easily remove most of the eggs from the plank at the top of the playing area, but some times you might need to think a little quicker.

If you clear the level. you'll be treated to a cute little dinosaur in celebration.

The opposite goes for when the eggs get past the dotted line and you fail to clear the level. Both of these are nice additions for little ones, and will make failing a level not so bad for kids.

Shoot Dinosaur Eggs will appeal to kids as well as casual gamers. There aren't any special powerups or anything like that, and it's basically the classic game that many of us knew and loved years ago. That's not a bad thing of course, as those who have been looking for something nice and casual will find this really fun. It's also nice to find a game that I can recommend to parents that isn't some sort of educational title and isn't frustrating. This is fun for all ages, make no mistake, but the colorful graphics and fun sound effects make this a game well-suited for kids.

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