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Labster is an award-winning virtual laboratory simulator for science students. With Labster’s simulations, you can learn science in your very own million-dollar lab.

Download the app to access a varying list of free content (like Lab Safety or Cellular Respiration), or purchase a subscription to access a growing list of premium and advanced content, covering higher level topics. The labs can be used as part of accredited online biology degrees offered by universities like Arizona State University.

Want to use Labster at your University or High School?

- Contact us directly at for discounted institutional pricing for integrating Labster into your course, with assessment features, LMS integration and on-going support.

- Teaching at High School? We also have special pricing for K-12 schools.

About Labster

Labster offers highly immersive and interactive simulations that have been proven to double learning as published in Nature. The learning content is developed by experts with Ph.D.s in each subject area, and in collaboration with professors from top universities. This is your guarantee that the simulations support the understanding of concepts and skills needed for completing academic courses.

Each interactive experience contains a mix of:

- Repeatable experiments to help with conceptual understanding

- Immersive molecular animations

- Case stories to work through to apply your skills

- Extra theoretical content directly tied to the topic

- Advanced machinery with visualisations of inner workings

- Quiz questions throughout to challenge your knowledge

- Techniques based on real university labs

- Your own virtual lab assistant, Dr. One, to help you along the way!

Labster’s lab simulations can be used to practice working in a lab - just like a pilot uses a flight simulator to prepare for flight! Revisit the virtual labs as many times as you like to improve your understanding of difficult concepts, and to build your confidence before stepping into the real lab at your university or school.

Coming soon:

- A set of ecology labs where you’ll visit an exoplanet called Astakos IV, a newly discovered location being explored as a potential habitat for humans. Throughout the modules, you’ll participate in the various jobs of an ecologist, exploring the ecological dynamics of the environment, the landscape, population growth and the various ecological niches carved out by the creatures inhabiting this mysterious land.

- A set of animal physiology labs where you’ll discover how a seal’s metabolism is configured to allow them to dive deep, and how this compares with human respiration. Squids will provide a unique insight into nerve function and, using a myograph, you’ll learn about various kinds of muscles and their function in birds and humans. A set of labs will also take you through the endocrine, digestive, and osmoregulatory systems.

- More K-12 content to help engage students in difficult topics in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

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