MonokaiToolkit - Super Toolkit for Facebook Users

By NorthStudio

MonokaiToolkit - Super Toolkit for Facebook UsersMonokaiToolkit - Super Toolkit for Facebook UsersMonokaiToolkit - Super Toolkit for Facebook UsersMonokaiToolkit - Super Toolkit for Facebook Users

** NOTE:

- This app doesn't run on Virtual Devices (exclude Bluestacks). If you're using Nox Player, please change to Bluestacks instead to use this app.

Old devices which doesn't support Javascript ES6 won't be able to use this app, too.

- We don't save your Login credentials. Check point may be occurred when you login with your account. To avoid it, use Access Token to login instead.

With a single click, you can do these action with light speed:

- Login with Facebook Access Token

- Login multiple accounts

- Get Facebook Access Token

- Mass add friends to groups

- Fast post to groups

- View top messages

- View top interactive friends

- Remove yours or others' posts on your Profile

- Hide yours or others' posts on your Profile

- Set yours or others' posts' privacy on your Profile

- Turn on Avatar Guard Shield

- Poke all your Friends

- Bomb reactions on someone's profile

- Bomb comments on someone's profile

- Auto comments

- Auto reactions

- Batch send messages to your friends

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