Numberblocks: Card Fun!

By Blue Zoo

Numberblocks: Card Fun!Numberblocks: Card Fun!Numberblocks: Card Fun!Numberblocks: Card Fun!Numberblocks: Card Fun!

The BAFTA-winning pre-school learning show Numberblocks brings you Numberblocks Card Fun!

As seen on Cbeebies.

This app features four game modes and five packs of cards offering 60 levels of different gameplay that will help you help your child with their numeracy skills. It features Numberblocks 1 to 10.

● Snap - Find a snap when you see two cards with matching values, this could be Numberblock One and one Apple or numeral six and six Numberblobs.

● Match - Turn over the cards to find matching pairs of card value. The values could be anything from a mix of things to stamps.

● Add it up - A series of addition equations that feature different card packs and card values. You will be adding Numberblocks, Stamps, Things, Numberblobs and numerals.

● Take it away - A series of subtraction equations that feature different card packs and card values. You will be adding Numberblocks, Stamps, Things, Numberblobs and numerals.

When a level is completed a new one with increasing complexity will unlock. Also, your card packs will increase in size with larger values helping to offer a challenging experience that will help your child to progress with their number literacy.

This app does not contain any in-app purchases or involuntary adverts.

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