Panda AutoClicker - Automation

By Panda Gaming Studio

Panda AutoClicker - AutomationPanda AutoClicker - Automation

Panda AutoClicker can do automatic click/tap/gesture on your screen.

It's the most advanced auto clicker that supports any gesture you record.

No ROOT or any other troublesome settings needed.

With a floating window, you can set/start/stop the actions you want do automatically.


click `Launch` button to show the floating window.


click `Stop` button to hide the floating window and stop any script being executing.


You can set tap or gesture with simple process. Gesture support any kind of path or duration, including the most practicable pinch in/out, double finger scroll and etc. Anti-detect randomness is supported.


Just tap `play` button to start.


Tap `pause` icon or press power button to terminate executing script.

You can use the autoclicker on idle games, special treatment under definite circumstances or anything else. We've included some inspiring videos in the app to help you explore and expand your potential usage.

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Please install App Cape first.Do not uninstall this or you need reinstall to maintain its core function