English to Italian Common Phrases

By Alessandro Siciliano

English to Italian Common PhrasesEnglish to Italian Common PhrasesEnglish to Italian Common Phrases

In this App you will find the most used and commonly used expressions, phrases and words, translated from English to Italian.

You will find the main phrases to request information and to have a basic conversation in Italian.

If you are traveling to Italy for an holiday or for work and want to have available on your smartphone the phrases commonly used translated from English to Italian, this is the App you need to download!

The App contains about 600 expressions that include a literary translation and the related audio, in order to have available also the pronunciation of the words in Italian.

There are 18 categories (including: greetings, numbers, basic words and phrases, food, emergencies, parts of the body, etc.), where you will find many of the linguistic expressions of the Italian language used daily.

Download "English to Italian Common Phrases", it's free and without advertising !!!

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