OR Commented

By Simplex Developers

OR CommentedOR CommentedOR CommentedOR Commented

OR Commented is an expert level solver for the operational research field. It is able to solve a wide range of linear programming problems with extensive comments regarding the solution process.

* Simplex algorithm, including two-phase simplex method

* Ability to find dual LP (linear problems)

* Sensitivity and Post-Optimal Analysis of the LP

* Assignment problem solving using Hungarian algorithm

* Solving transportation problems using Least-Cost Method, North-West Corner Method, Vogel’s Approximation Method (VAM)

* The potential method for optimal solution improvement

* English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian languages

* Graphs for LP with 2 variables

* Offline operation research tool (does not require internet)

ORC is a mathematical engine verified by professors of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (Ukraine). For over 4 years it has helped over 25,000 users across the globe.

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