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Perx - feel rewardedPerx - feel rewardedPerx - feel rewardedPerx - feel rewardedPerx - feel rewarded

Perx is your personal cheerleader for managing medication - making your daily routine easy, fun and rewarding. Our easy-to-use app helps you form healthy habits and stick to your schedule by providing reminders, important information and best of all – real rewards!

The clinically-supported Perx rewards program enables you to earn movie tickets, gift cards and charity donations every time you take your medication on time.


- Simple setup of helpful, customised medication reminders which fit with your daily routine - never forget your medication again

- Earn real rewards every time you take your medication – feel rewarded just for completing your daily routine. Free rewards and better health – it’s a win-win!

- Clear, understandable insights into your habits and trends so you can celebrate your improved medication habits

- Join the Perx family – connect with a community of people just like you passionate about improving their health by forming better habits.

Most importantly, Perx is designed with input from people living with chronic conditions who take medication daily and incorporates feedback from doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals.

Read more reviews below or better yet, try it for yourself! It’s 100% free.


We love hearing from our Perx community (it's actually our favourite part of the day) so please send us an email at [email protected] if you have any suggestions, complaints or issues with the app!

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